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About Us


          IceCOLD is the product that will allow you to save money and energy, whilst reducing your carbon footprint. It is an award-winning synthetic catalyst used worldwide by companies like McDonald’s and Bimbo that is saving thousands of dollars in electricity costs. It is time for you to reduce your excessive spending on cooling services, by adding this single product to your cooling system which will reduce oil fouling, thereby making your heat exchange process more efficient from day one.

          Including IceCOLD in your energy efficiency strategy will allow your company to start saving money the same day it is introduced, because your cooling equipment will use less energy from the very moment you start it up and it will continue to do so during its normal operation. The most immediate result will be on your electricity bill, making it apparent that the equipment was previously wasting power.

          As you decide to use IceCOLD, the economy of your company will thank you, as well as the environment. This green technology will provide reduction in electricity usage and will translate into a reduction in the dollars spent on it. As for the environment, every single saving in power consumption means saving precious natural resources like oil, natural gas and coal. As we lower our electricity consumption we can reduce the amount of mining and drilling for the materials that are basic to electricity production. Really simple measures can deliver big and important benefits for your own economy and for the environment at the same time.

          IceCOLD Philippines is a proud division of Premier Cleantech Solutions.

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